About me

On Chesil Beach
Me, Mike and Murphy on Chesil Beach November 2013.

Welcome to my blog. I am Anna Morris, I am 35, I live in Wales with my husband, Mike and our dog and 2 cats.

In my blog I review books I have read this year and make book themed lists. I love to read and can barely get into my house for all the books I have (and still I buy more!).

Read some more bookish facts about me here.

Hope you enjoy my thoughts!

32 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Anna, you have a lovely blog. Best of luck with your goals and thanks for finding mine (FrayedDustjackets). Hope you’ll be back to visit!

  2. Hi Anna, thanks for the follow on prelovedbooksblog.com where I have an unhealthy interest in crime novels! Looking forward to seeing your reviews – always glad to come across another reader across the Irish Sea.

  3. Until I saw that cute picture of you and your husband on Chesil Beach, I never realized there really is a Chesil Beach. (Never heard of it except that it’s the title of an Ian McEwan novel — I guess I assumed he’d made it up.) Thanks for the enlightenment!

  4. Hello Anna,
    I appreciate the visit to my blog. I hope you get a chance to read my book, “The Chocolate Bar”, my Memoir of what life was like growing up, while World War ll was happening all around me. I’m a survivor of that war. When I came to America I thought the war was over, but domestic abuse took over…..

    Author, Agathe von Kampen 🙂

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