Review of ‘Apple and Rain’ by Sarah Crossan

Apple and RainThanks to NetGalley and Bloomsbury for the ARC of this book.

This book is marketed as YA fiction, but I think it reads a bit younger. The writing is simple and the storyline is familiar and formulaic. I think you would need to be as young and naive as the lead character Apple not to know exactly how the story is going to pan out,

Apple was abandoned by her mother when she was 2. Her mother turns up ten years later and Apple moves in with her after pining for her all these years, only to discover that she is not everything that Apple had hoped and dreamed.

The book is jam packed with tropes from these sorts of books and films; the disinterested father who has moved on with a new wife, the feckless parent, the surprise sibling, the older crush who is actually a let down, the boy next door love interest,  the inspiring teacher. It’s thoroughly unoriginal and predictable but adequately well written and will probably work for its target audience of 11-12 year old girls who haven’t read or watched this story premise a million times before.

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