Wren’s first trip to the library

On Monday I took my nine week old daughter, Wren, on her first visit to the library. I’m really keen to instill in her a love of reading, so I’m starting her young! We went to the rhyme time session for under 5’s which is hosted free by the library every Monday. She ate and slept through the whole session but I’m hoping she may have absorbed some of it vicariously. I’m sure she will start to love it in a few months time when she’s more able to engage in what is going on.

Wren's first trip to the library
Wren’s first trip to the library

We took out her first set of library books, some Welsh language picture books for my husband to read to her, to help her learn Welsh, which she’ll have to study at school but which neither of us speak much of at all.

Wren's first library books
Wren’s first library books

In addition she had her first visit to our wonderful local independent bookshop Booka to collect my World Book Night books.

Wren's first trip to Booka
Wren’s first trip to Booka

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