Review of ‘Me Before You’ by JoJo Moyes

Me Before YouWow, I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews of this book. I thought it was  awful.

It may not have been helped by the fact that I was listening to the audiobook version and the woman who read the main character, Lou, did so in such a babyish voice that to start off with I thought she was supposed the be a 13 year old not 26. Her voice annoyed me throughout the tediously long 16 hour book. Every time my husband walked in on me listening to it, he made some comment like ‘Was this written by a five year old?’.

However, I don’t think it was just the narrator’s fault. This book is truly flawed. The characters are totally unlikeable. The lead male is cruel and selfish; the lead female is ignorant and naive. I didn’t like or sympathise with any of the supporting characters either.

The plot is inevitable and completely predictable from the start, but it takes so long to get to the obvious conclusion.

Mostly I hated it because Lou is such a stupid character. The basic premise that she thinks she can stop Will, a quadriplegic, from being suicidal by taking him on a few nice day trips is such obvious nonsense that I just wanted to scream at her throughout the book. I don’t understand why we are supposed to root for her. At one point Will says she is one of the smartest people he has ever met. Are you serous? She is so dumb, she doesn’t even know Pimms is alcoholic for Heaven’s sake.

Will and Lou are so mismatched in intellect, experience and social background that nothing rings true about their romance. Lou has no redeeming features, the only interesting thing about her is an eclectic dress sense.

I’m totally baffled by the rave reviews this book has got. Yes, it is emotionally manipulative, but I didn’t actually care about what happened to any of the characters. I expected to be in floods of tears by the end of the book but it actually left me completely cold.

If you want to read a good book about assisted suicide, read ‘The Universe Versus Alex Woods’ by Gavin Extence, not this trite rubbish.


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