YALC book haul

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet over the past week, I’ve been away. One of the places I went was YALC, Malorie Blackman’s first YA lit con, in Earls Court this weekend. This is my haul of (mostly) free books from the convention. I’ll do a blog post telling you more about the convention when I get the chance.


4 thoughts on “YALC book haul”

    1. I would have preferred if it had been a separate event.

      All the talks were given on a stage in the main room with people queuing for photos either side of the seating area so it was really noisy and echoey and very hard to hear the really excellent talks that were happening.

      It did not seem very well thought through, there should have been a separate room or at least the stage should have been better insulated from all the other noisy stuff going on at the convention.

      Also, because it was part of the comic con we had to queue for a long time to get in. I’m not sure there was that much crossover between the audiences for the two events, so if they do it again I think it should be it’s own event.

      It was quite fascinating people watching all the amazing costumes at the comic con, though!

  1. Did you have to get there really early each morning to get free books before they all went? I’m going to YALC this year and I really want to get some free books 🙂

    1. We did get there first thing because the queues to get into comicon were really long, but YALC itself wasn’t that busy and I think the free books were available throughout both days.

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