Review of ‘Sizzling Sixteen’ by Janet Evanovich

ImageI’ve read a couple of books in this series previously and not really thought that much of them, but I decided to read this (which I got very cheaply from a library discard sale) because I have received a copy of Evanovich’s 21st book to read via Bookbridgr and thought I should read this earlier book first.

Every time I pick up a book in this series I expect to find something enjoyable which I missed in the previous books I read, or with the progression of the series the quality of the books will have improved. I am always disappointed. These books are just really stupid and you have to take them with a huge pinch of salt in order to read them; if you try to apply any kind of logic to any of the characters then you don’t get anywhere.

I think the main issue with this book and the series in general is that they are just so repetitive. Evanovich’s heroine, Stephanie Plum, is a bounty hunter and frankly it’s not really that interesting a job. Basically all Stephanie does is drive around hoping to stumble upon the people she is looking for, frequently stopping to buy fast food and occasionally getting herself in a dangerous situation from which she needs to be rescued by a man. Frankly, in reality if anyone ate as much rubbish as she does, she’d be the size of a house and definitely wouldn’t have 2 hot men chasing after her.

The two hot men are another of the big issues with this series; the last book I read in this series was number 7, this is number 16 and the storyline and romantic relationships have not progressed at all. Stephanie is still on again off again with Morelli and seriously tempted by Ranger but not acting on it. How long can a grown women, particularly one this inept and silly, string along two seemingly desirable men? It’s ridiculous. I hope when I read book 21 that she will have finally made a choice between the two, or they both will have realised that she is a loser and moved on.

The storyline is totally inconsequential and almost exactly the same as the other books I’ve read in this series. I guess Evanovich knows how to cash in on what for some people is obviously a winning formula.


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