I’ve been book blogging for just over a month now and one of my favourite things that I’ve discovered in this time is bloggers’ reclaiming of the word ‘bookish’.

When I was a child and someone described me as ‘bookish’, it never meant anything good. The connotations were all negative: nerdy, introverted, quiet, unfriendly, socially awkward, square… I could go on.

So, I love the way book bloggers have taken back this word and proudly describe their blog posts and themselves as ‘bookish’. Book bloggers revel in using this word to indicate a love of reading and books and it makes these blogs a happy and safe place to visit.


6 thoughts on ““Bookish””

  1. I never actually took “bookish” as a negative word. I actually always thought it was a positive word.

  2. I always thought of ‘bookish’ as cosy. That’s sort of how I think of books generally though. The great things about words is that their subtler meanings are shifting all the time. Love them.

  3. I never thought of “bookish” as a bad word. It brings to mind cosiness and warmth, like reading a great book tucked under a wooly blanket with a cup of tea. 🙂

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