Top Ten Tuesday: Freebie topic – book covers

This week Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and Bookish is a freebie week, so we can make a book themed top ten list of our choice. I’ve picked an inspiring topic which featured on Top Ten Tuesday a few weeks ago before I started participating but which I enjoyed reading: Top Ten Book Covers I’d Frame As Pieces of Art.

I limited my options to books and editions I own in order to reduce the almost infinite choice.


From this exercise I learned that I prefer book covers with illustrations rather than photographs; I like intricate illustrations in a limited colour palette; and I like book covers which resemble old-fashioned prints. I definitely prefer book covers which don’t feature people’s faces so that you are left free to imagine the characters for yourself.


13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Freebie topic – book covers”

  1. I loved reading the posts on this topic a few weeks back, so it’s nice to see it pop up again! I love the covers you chose, especially the Somnambulist – they’re all beautiful.

  2. The Somnambulist is basically my ideal cover, nice colours, beautiful, intriguing design; plus it’s one of those nice soft fuzzy covers so it feels good too!

  3. These are lovely, and I love the heart you made from the covers! The patterns against a solid color background are especially striking, like the Connolly cover, Rule of Civility, and The Somnambulist. I really like the Away cover as well– mine is different! Great choices!

  4. That is the exact same reason why I don’t like photographs being on the cover of books. For the most part you finish the book and wonder why on earth the publishers chose that model.

    On a separate note, Zadie Smith’s books always have great covers. On Beauty is probably my favourite cover of hers.

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