Review of ‘Half of the Human Race’ by Anthony Quinn

ImageI really enjoyed this novel. It is beautiful and written in a simple A to B, past tense, third person narrative. It’s such a relief to read something written in a traditional style which allows the plot and characters come to the fore.

This novel features some fascinating topics including suffragettes, cricket, World War I. It is engaging and opens a window on life in the 1910’s. The main characters, star-crossed lovers Will and Connie, are fully rounded, flawed but likeable people; it was a joy to spend time in their company.

It was lovely to read a book so unashamedly English, I particularly enjoyed reading the scenes at the cricket and I thought that the secondary storyline of retired sportsmen and suicide was very moving and is as relevant now as it was in the early twentieth century.

I would highly recommend this novel.


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