Review of ‘True Believer’ by Nicholas Sparks

ImageBefore I go on holiday I like to read books set in the location that I am travelling to. In October we are going on holiday to North Carolina, so recently I have been reading some Nicholas Sparks books; ‘True Believer’ is not one of his better offerings.

Jeremy Marsh, a journalist who debunks supernatural phenomena, travels to Boone Creek, North Carolina to investigate strange lights in a graveyard purported to be the ghosts of slaves. It’s a mystery he solves incredibly easily and mostly “off-screen” (off-page?).

While he is there he falls in love with a librarian called Lexie Darnell and mercilessly pursues her, even though she really does not appear all that interested in him. Eventually, inevitably they get together even though they have no discernible chemistry and very little in common.

This is the flattest, least emotionally engaging of the Sparks books which I have read. Usually, at the very least, even if the book is sentimental or silly, he manages to engage you with the central romantic relationship. However, I neither liked Jeremy and Lexie nor cared whether they ended up together.

Sparks could have made the book more exciting by creating a fascinating supernatural mystery for Jeremy to solve, and he manages to set one up but then this plot point fizzles out at the end of the book with a simple and not in the slightest bit interesting solution.

Very disappointing. However, there is a nice section set in the Outer Banks which I am now very much looking forward to visiting on my holiday!

Any suggestions for better books set in North Carolina would be gratefully received!


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