Books that made me cry

List 1: Books that made me cry

One thing that I enjoy almost as much as reading books is writing lists, so I’ve decided I’ll periodically share some book related lists with you.

List Number One – Thirteen books that made me cry

It’s amazing how good it can make you feel having a good old sob to a great book! (Except when you’re reading on public transport!)

If a book can make me cry, then that means I’m totally invested in it and it usually goes straight to the top of my ‘best books’ list! Weirdly, that doesn’t apply to films – I’ll cry at any old film no matter how rubbish it is!

  1. ‘July’ by Karen Roberts
  2. ‘Just Listen’ by Sarah Dessen
  3. ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  4. ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ by Audrey Niffenegger
  5. ‘The Book Thief’ by Marcus Zuzak
  6. ‘The Amber Spyglass’ by Philip Pullman
  7. ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ by Jodi Picoult
  8. ‘Bel Canto’ by Ann Patchett
  9. ‘The Lovely Bones’ by Alice Sebold
  10. ‘Noughts and Crosses’ by Malorie Blackman
  11. ‘Atonement’ by Ian McEwan
  12. ‘Birdsong’ by Sebastian Faulks
  13. ‘Wonder’ by R J Palacio

I’d love to hear what books made you cry!


18 thoughts on “List 1: Books that made me cry”

  1. Well Anna I looked in my Catagories and found only one book in the Tear Jerker list:
    Tear Jerker
    March 25, 2014
    PROMISES TO KEEP by Jane Green

    I guess I haven’t chosen many that made me cry.

  2. I read Lovely Bones, but only the movie made me cry. I tend to be drawn to Holocaust books and movies, and have a feeling I was experiencing it in a past life!

  3. Read a local book “Dis ek, Anna” (Its me, Anna) on a plane. Thought I had it under control until an elder gentleman handed me his handkerchief and I realized people around me were staring… Quite funny in retrospect.

    Like the list, was bawling at the end of The Book Thief.

  4. Loved The Book Thief and The Art of Racing in the Rain. However I recently finished Anne Franks diary on the way back from Paris and I couldn’t talk properly for a few minutes from holding tears in. So sad.

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