Review of ‘You Deserve Nothing’ by Alexander Maksik

You deserve nothing cover
You deserve nothing cover
This is a novel about how students idolise good teachers and how influential teachers can be; when in reality they are as flawed and as fearful as their students.

I thought the plot was fairly predictable; once a teacher starts to have an affair with a pupil, there’s really only ever one direction that the novel is heading.

I enjoyed the classroom scenes where Mr Silver’s charismatic and original teaching style is demonstrated and I thought that Maksik did a good job writing in the different voices of the three narrators. However, I never really understood the teacher’s motivation for starting an affair with a student and, while the novel is an easy read, there is nothing that makes it stand out from the dozens of other books about inspiring teachers or inappropriate school relationships.


2 thoughts on “Review of ‘You Deserve Nothing’ by Alexander Maksik”

  1. Was this a high school teacher? I wonder if he got arrested? I find that not all male authors can write a good female part, unlike women writers! LOL

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