Review of ‘Missing You’ by Harlan Coben

ImageI read EVERYTHING Harlan Coben writes! I love his style but it must be said that his books often tread the same ground and in recent years themes, characters and storylines in his books are becoming a little repetitive. Nevertheless, they are always easy to read and entertaining.

I think this is one of his better recent novels. The story feels rounded and self-contained and the lead character, Cat, is a female detective, which is a bit different.

The unbelievable co-incidences which usually drive Coben’s plots are kept to a minimum as are the other repetitive tropes (dumb goons, fight scenes and wisecracking detectives). Cat’s story feels personal and more believable than his many of his other recent narratives.

The ultimate showdown and conclusion to the book feel a little rushed, but it is an enjoyable read, which I think fans of Coben will love.


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